SHIMONO Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


Model SVC-1012C



Portable vacuum cleaner for cars, easy to use, strong suction and durable materials. Vacuum various impurities Whether it's pet hair, dust, crumbs, dirt, or even sand, SHIMONO has you covered, whether it's a hard-to-reach or an easy-to-reach spot. Helps make your car cleaner easily.

Vacuums dust for longer Longer service life

Cleaning various rooms It's not easy. And general vacuum cleaners tend to have less and less suction power. Until making cleaning work become more difficult But with the SHIMONO Cyclone Cleaner vacuum cleaner that uses advanced Cyclone Technology to prevent the filter from clogging prematurely. including other causes that reduces the suction power The SHIMONO Cyclone Cleaner vacuum cleaner is equipped with a number of technologies that help the machine perform at peak performance. Makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

And can use accessories with SHIMONO's household ones.

Although cleaning It's not a job you like, but a better environment for your car, home, and health is more important. However, you shouldn't spend all your time doing this. The right SHIMONO 1020C portable car vacuum cleaner will help you keep your car clean.

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