SHIMONO EO-2828 เตาอบไฟฟ้า


ฟังก์ชั่นการทำงานกว่า 10 โหมด



SHIMONO EO - 2828 electric oven capacity 18L.
- use to bake bakery and various foods with good results
- Convection system can bake 2 layers of cookies at the same time, bake 1-2 pounds of cake, bake a variety of foods.
- heating coil
- There is a hot air distribution function. Makes the food cooked thoroughly
- Up to 6 types of heat can be adjusted: upper light, lower light, upper and lower lights simultaneously, upper light with heat dissipation fan, bottom light with heat dissipation fan, upper light with heat dissipation fan.
- Can adjust the temperature from 100 - 250 degrees Celsius
- 1 layer glass door, safe to use
- Inner wall with non-stick coating and there is a light bulb
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